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Viking culture:

We try to relearn what we can from our past, bring it to the present the best we can, and share with you the public. We are not Vikings but we are trying to bring the crafts, religion & life to share with others.


Our festival is about gladly sharing what we know, have learned, and are still learning. We have many crafts people demonstrating stone work, forging, sewing, weaving, carving, leather working, foods, music as well as activities for all ages, and the opportunity to purchase goods from all.


Our goal as a Non-Profit Organization is to help and support other local Non-Profit Organizations. These charities who help and support our local Veterans, families and seniors. Example are: the local food banks, Veteran organizations and the homeless.

We ask when attending our local events to show your generous donation by bringing food, clothes, baby items (diapers/formula) & toiletries to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

We are a registered non profit. All donations and funds raised will be used to support our communities.



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